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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Chapter 34: The Return

That evening Tiggerpaka had returned, and Tribe boys began to swarm him, demanding what he had been doing, in which Tiggerpaka went to describe a great quest he had apparently went on, where he had cleared out every intruder in the territory. The usual evening festivities had been stopped for this, and soon Tiggerpaka had every Tribe boy listening to his story.
"If anything, he's making it worse," Lilypaka commented.
"Making what worse?" Misty asked.
Lilypaka nodded at Ricochet, and Misty looked to see the black wolf was eyeing the scene with a certain anger in his gaze. "Oh," Misty murmured.
"Don't see what the big deal is. We're not staying or anything," Campbell scoffed.
"He seems to think we are. Or at least Tiggerpaka is. I don't think Ricochet minds the others," Misty remarked.


4 months later in Author Time


*Sounds of meerkat paw steps approaching on darkened stage*

*muttering can be heard*

Where the heck is that blasted Great Scott?

Who does she think she is anyway

letting my fans hang like this!

*stomps around and elevates to rant level*

Great Scott!!

Where are you!!??

My devoted legion of fans have been 
wasting away waiting for 
more of the great TP!

**Looks around---sees no one at the computer**

**an evil smirk crosses the meerkat's face**

Well my dear fans,

You shall wait no longer!!

Your Dear Leader has arrived to save the day

and quench your thirst for more of me!

**Reads the beginning of this Draft Post**

'Making it worse?'

**begins typing**

Suddenly a rock falls from the sky hitting
Lilypaka in the head and killing her.

Hmm...she is my sister....

 and killing her.

and knocking her into a coma for 6 years.

TIggerpaka continues to delight everyone with his tales of  his great heroics.

Crabbell is overcome with awe and finds her self
irresistibly attracted to Tiggerpaka.

She fan-girls all around Tiggerpaka who turns to her
and kindly says,

 "young lady---I appreciate your 
undying devotion, but you are much too young.

So piss off."

The boys clamor for more stories and Rick Shay
crowns Tiggerpaka Emperor for Life

Misty stands by Tiggerpaka's side because
she has always loved him like a big brother
And Tiggerpaka makes her his right hand man
and re-names her Nutello

He sends Nutello on a mission to inform 
Yin and Yang to stop this nonsense
because it makes for a crappy story plot
and ain't nobody got no time for that.

So of course Yin and Yang comply
all in the land fall down and bow before
Tiggerpaka Emperor for Life

And there was peace ever lasting

The End

**The meerkat sits back and reads over his entry**

Well, now that's a story

the fans are gonna love.

**Picks up a grub and tosses into his mouth
crunching it as he leaves the stage**

* * *

**doors open and author walks in**

Four months? 

Well uh, hey guys

In case you haven't noticed, this blog hasn't been lately

Mainly because I've been busy with starting high school and trying to keep grades up (who decided school was a good idea anyway? I mean I've known what I want as a job since like 6th grade).

So yeah, unless I get a inspired to come back, I'm done with TFEOB until further notice - which either way is gonna be a while.

It's been a great run, and I still can't believe I've made it this far. I've loved all the people who've come along and read this story, and for all the characters I've had the privilege of writing about.

However, as I said, I'm just too busy to really stay dedicated to this anymore.

But one day, many years in the future, if you're out and see an advertisement for some story with a title along the lines of "The Four Elements Of Bending" that looks suspiciously like that story you used to read and make characters for online when you were younger,

that would be me getting the book published.

If that just so happens be sure to pick up a copy.

Also, if you're one of my friends though and wanna stay in touch with me, I'm not completely disappearing off the internet.

I use this site called tumblr a lot, and if you wanna follow me on there just click here. Send me a message letting me know it's you if you do happen to follow me so I know you're not some random person.

Another thing, I post on this story called The Powered Ones whenever I write a chapter on there too; although I don't spend much time on the blog itself, I just paste the chapter in. Click here to see that story.

So yeah, see you all around and possibly later.

**author exits stage**


  1. **sighs heavily**

    guess I won't be needing these yin yang shaped reese cups any more

    **disposes of by mouth creating an eery tremor through out the land**

  2. We will miss you and I hope you have more free time in the future :D If you get the book published I will buy it for sure

  3. Aww, that's a pity.
    I don't have Tumblr, so...


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